Chủ Nhật, 1 tháng 5, 2011


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(2011.04.30 21:50)
Good evening^▽^
It’s Mayuyu^▽^
I had a Wota 2 meeting with Tanamin!
Nakayan and Lovetan had an A performance, so next time(´・ω・`)
We gathered at the usual place in Ikebukuro
and went to Sunshine City!
We went to the Sakura Gakuin event…or not, we went to Namco Nanja Town in the middle of a Gintama event!
As soon as we got there, we ate Yamazaki’s anpan dumplings at a store\(^o^)/
After that, we ate Elizabeth curry. In the middle there really was a leg with leg hair! Curry! If you’re curious, please try eating it!
We did garapon too!
But I only won a coaster and a postcard! What the heck/(^o^)\
I wanted the mayo prize pin…
I’m always moved by the Nanja Town staff. I wonder if they do some sort of special audition….
And then we left Nanja Town and luckily, the Sakura Gakuin event was just starting, so we watched it\(^o^)/Beloved!
Moa-chan was super cute! I want to hold her!
Moa-chan! Moa-chan!
Ayami-chan’s amazing sense of stability was wonderful too…Sakura Gakuin is nice(b^-゜)!
After that, we went to take purikura!
I did cosplay in it for the first time (^ω^)

Macross cosplaying!
Sheryl Tanabu is too beautiful, I couldn’t look her in the eye\(^o^)/Though I did
Ranka-tan…my head is big >< lol
And, we did Durarara cosplay too.

Please ignore the fact that the Shizu-chan wig is like a bob ><
Again, Tanabu Izaya is too cool, I couldn't touch her body\(^o^)/Though I did a lot anyway
Ahhhhh today was an exciting day!
I want to take cosplay purikura again~
Next time I plan to do K-ON and SounHori.
By the way, for SounHori, the plan is…Tanamin is Nobara-hime and I'm Ouji.
I think Tanamin's Nobara-hime will be beautiful!

Pokonyan (1500 yen)
From Mayuyu